Isolation, Purification and Characterization of a Thermophilic Alkaline Protease from Bacillus subtilis BP-36

صفحه 7-13
E. Omidinia


The Soluble Carrier 30 A8 (SLC30A8) Gene Polymorphism and Risk of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 in Eastern Azerbijan Population of Iran

صفحه 15-20
M. Mohaddes


λ-Red-Recombineering Live Attenuated ΔipaD Shigella dysenteriae from Iranian Isolates as A Candidate of Vaccine

صفحه 21-28
M Heidari


Immobilization of Cu(II)-Histidine Complex on Al-MCM-41 as Catalyst for Epoxidation of Alkenes

صفحه 29-36
F. Farzaneh


Synthesis, Spectroscopy and Magnetic Characterization of Five Dinuclear Copper(II) Complexes with 2, 3 or 4-Pyridinemethanol as the Ligand

صفحه 37-43
S. Amani


Geochemical Aspects of Na-Metasomatism in Sargaz Granitic Intrusion (South of Kerman Province, Iran)

صفحه 45-58
H. Ahmadipour


B-Spline Solution of Boundary Value Problems of Fractional Order Based on Optimal Control Strategy

صفحه 59-65
G.B. Loghmani


A New Heuristic Solution Method for Maximal Covering Location-Allocation Problem with M/M/1 Queueing System

صفحه 67-75
F. Moeen Moghadas


Minimax Estimator of a Lower Bounded Parameter of a Discrete Distribution under a Squared Log Error Loss Function

صفحه 77-84
N. Nematollahi

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