Injury Profile of Iranian Professional Male and Female Karate Players

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nader rahnama؛ efat Bambaeichi؛ ali Bagher Nazarian؛ mohammadreza Batavani؛ hamidreza Sadeghipour


Electromyography of Fatigue of Back and Hip Muscles in Athletes with Chronic Low Back Pain

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masoud Khorsandi Kolur؛ aliasgher Norasteh؛ hasan Daneshmandi


Injury Profile of Iranian Male Triathlon Athletes

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nader rahnama؛ efat Bambaeichi


The Study of Anthropometric Predictor Parameters of Spine Alignment in Athletes

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Hossein Shahrokhi؛ hasan Daneshmandi؛ aliakbar Hashemi javaheri


The Comparison of Thoracic Kyphosis and Position ofScapula between National Freestyle and Greco – Roman Wrestlers and Non – Athletes

صفحه 91-107
maryam ghamari؛ reza rajabi؛ ali akbarnejad؛ hooman Minoonejad


The Role of Pregnancy in Postural Control and Standing Postural Orientation: a Comparison between Before and After Delivery and Non – Pregnant Subjects

صفحه 109-124
Nader Farahpour؛ marjan Adel Ghahraman؛ nahid Bijhe؛ ahmad Ebrahimi Atri


The Relationship between Prevalence of Injuries and Mental Preparation of Male and Female Athletes Participating in 10th National University Sport Olympiad

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Mehdi Shahbazi؛ amir Vazini Taher؛ maysam Rahimizadeh


The Comparison of Dynamic Balance in Males with Different Foot Types

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vahid ghasemi؛ reza rajabi؛ mohammadhosein alizadeh؛ komail Dashti Rostami

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