The Comparison of Balance of Dominant and Non-Dominant Legs in Soccer Players, Gymnasts, Swimmers and Basketball Players

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sareh shahheidari؛ Aliasghar Norasteh؛ Hamid Mohebbi


The Comparison of Functional Performance Deficits in Female University Athletes with Excessive Pronated Foot

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Mahiyh Pirani؛ Hamid Mohebbi؛ Babak Nakhostin Rohi؛ Abolfazl Khoori


The Comparison of Myoelectric Activity of Selected Lower Limb Muscles during Three Common Quadriceps Strength Exercises Performed with Different Loads

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Pouria Hesari؛ Mohammad Rabiei؛ Teimour Jafar Nejhad؛ Esmaiel Hosseini Nejhad؛ Mehrdad Anbarian


The Relationship of the Rate of Internal Longitudinal Foot Arch with Cardiorespiratory Endurance and Agility in Male Students (12-14 Years Old)

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seyed hamed musavi؛ Behnam Ghasemi؛ Mohsen Davodi


The Effect of 8 Weeks of Core Stabilization Training Program on Balance in Hearing Impaired Students

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amin Farzaneh hessari؛ Hasan Daneshmandi؛ Solmaz Mahdavi


The Relationship between Anthropometric Characteristics and Performance of Elite Female Swimmers in 50m Freestyle Swimming

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Sareh Shah Heydari؛ Tahereh Abdolali Poor؛ Aliasghar Norasteh

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