Assessment of the Palmer drought severity index in arid and semi arid rangeland: (Case study: Qom province, Iran)

صفحه 77-86
Maryam Azarakhshi؛ Mohammad Mahdavi؛ Hosein Arzani؛ Hasan Ahmadi


Assessment of soil property spatial variation based on the geostatistical simulation

صفحه 87-100
Mohammad Jafari؛ M Tahmoures؛ H Mohammad Asgari؛ M Biniaz


Comparison of EPM and geomorphology methods for erosion and sediment yield assessment in Kasilian Watershed, Mazandaran Province, Iran

صفحه 100-108
L Zia Abadi؛ H Ahmadi


Landforms identification using neural network-self organizing map and SRTM data

صفحه 109-120
A. H. Ehsani؛ A Malekian


A study on Isatis suspension trap efficiency; Advantages and disadvantages

صفحه 121-130
H R Azimzadeh؛ M R Ekhtesasi


Prediction of the vegetation management impacts on reduction of wind erosion risk in the southern parts of the Varamin Plain, Iran

صفحه 131-140
A Sadoddin؛ D Akhzari؛ V Sheikh


GIS-based analysis of spatial distribution patterns of growing degree-days for agricultural applications in Iran

صفحه 141-150
E Ebrahimi Ghombavani؛ N Ghahreman


Evaluation of quantity and quality of the yield of two wheat cultivars in intercropping system

صفحه 151-156
Kh Jamshidi


Assessment of potential climate change impacts on drought indicators (Case study: Yazd station, Central Iran)

صفحه 157-166
A R Massah Bavani؛ S Poormohammadi؛ M T Dastorani؛ M. H. Rahimian


Effect of salinity on wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) grain yield, yield components and ion uptake

صفحه 167-174
H. R. Asgari؛ W Cornelis؛ P Van Damme


Study of interaction between salinity and charcoal rot diseases of melon (Macrophomina phaseolina) in Semnan and Garmsar

صفحه 175-180
A Roustaee؛ M Karimpour Reyhan؛ M jafari

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب