Investigation of the Variations of Soil Factors under Haloxylon aphyllum Cultivation

صفحه 114-117
B. Rasooli؛ M. Jafari


Identification of Critical Sediment Source Areas at Regional Scale for Environmental Management (Case Study: Dehnamak Basin, Iran)

صفحه 119-125
H. Ahmadi؛ A. A. Mohammadi


The Evaluation of Contaminated Soil by Petroleum Mulch in Combating Desertification

صفحه 127-132
H. Akbarnia


Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Drought Vulnerability using the Standardized Precipitation Index (Case study: Semnan Province, Iran)

صفحه 133-140
M. Karimpour Reyhan؛ Y. Esmaeilpour؛ A. Malekian؛ N. Mashhadi؛ N. Kamali


Solar Radiation Estimation from Rainfall and Temperature Data in Arid and Semi-arid Climates of Iran

صفحه 141-150
N. Ghahreman؛ B. Bakhtiari


Competition of Different Densities of Wild Mustard (Brassica kaber) and Rapeseed (Brassica napus) in Greenhouse

صفحه 151-155
R. Naderi؛ H. Ghadiri


Comparison of Some Split-window Algorithms to Estimate Land Surface Temperature from AVHRR Data in Southeastern Tehran,

صفحه 157-161
S.M. R. Behbahani؛ A. Rahimikhoob؛ M. H. Nazarifar


Effects of Salt Stress on Vegetative Growth and Ion Accumulation of Two alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Cultivars

صفحه 163-169
Y. Emam؛ E. Bijanzadeh؛ R. Naderi؛ M. Edalat


An Improvement on Land Surface Temperature Determination by Producing Surface Emissivity Maps

صفحه 171-184
M. Pahlevani؛ M. R. Mobasheri


Long Lead Flood Simulation Using Downscaled GCM Data in Arid and Semi-arid Regions: A Case Study

صفحه 185-196
M. Karamouz؛ M. Fallahi؛ S. Nazif؛ A. Ahmadi


Studying the Morphologic Maturation of Aeolian Sand Grains During Transportation Process of Wind Erosion (Case study: Khartouran Erg)

صفحه 197-207
N. Mashhadi؛ M. R. Ekhtesasi


Evaluation of the Efficiency of CROPWAT Model for Determining Plant Water Requirement in Arid Regions

صفحه 209-215
A. Malekian؛ H. Ghasemi؛ A. Ahmadian

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