Study of effective ecological factors on distribution of vegetation types (Case study: Southern margin of Haj Aligholi Kavir, Damghan)

صفحه 1-4
Hosein Azarnivand؛ hamed Joneidi Jafari؛ sh. nikoo؛ mohamad Zare Chahouki؛ a. malekian


Evaluating optimized digital elevation precipitation model using IDW method (Case study: Jam & Riz Watershed of Assaloyeh, Iran)

صفحه 5-14
s. Modallaldoust


The allelopathic effects of Atriplex canescens (Four wing saltbush) on seed germination of Salsola rigida

صفحه 15-18
f. hamedanian؛ mohamad Jafari؛ a. Henteh؛ mohamad ali Zare chahouki؛ s. Dehdari


A deep courtyard as the best building form for desert climatean introduction to effects of air movement (Case study: Yazd)

صفحه 19-26
shahin heidari


The role of resource management and environmental factors in sustainable development

صفحه 27-32
gh.r. taleghani


Determining the effect of physical characteristics on flood hydrograph (Case study: Western section of Jazmurian Basin)

صفحه 33-43
ali salajegheh؛ s. dalfardi؛ m. mahdavi؛ a. bahremand؛ a. afzali


The effects of exclosure on plants in the semi-arid rangeland of North Khorasan province, Iran

صفحه 45-52
gh.a. dianati tilaki؛ a.a naghipour borj؛ h. tavakoli؛ m. haidarian aghakhani


The role of rainfall and light interception by litter on maintenance of surface soil water content in an arid rangeland (Khabr National Park, southeast of Iran)

صفحه 53-60
m. sharafatmandrad؛ a. bahremand؛ m. mesdaghi؛ h. barani


Bioaccumulation and phyto-translocation of Nickel by Medicago sativa in a calcareous soil of Iran

صفحه 61-69
b. Motesharezadeh؛ gh.r. Savaghebi-Firoozabadi

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