Guest Editorial: Digital Twin Enabled Neural Networks Architecture Management for Sustainable Computing

صفحه 1-4
Venkatesan C.؛ Yu-Dong Zhang؛ Qin Xin


Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Based Distributed Energy-Efficient Opportunistic Algorithm for Clustering and Routing in WSNs

صفحه 5-20
M. S. Sivagamasundari؛ T. Thamaraimanalan؛ S. Ramalingam؛ K. Balachander


Enhanced Blockchain-based Key Generation using Butterfly Optimization Algorithm for Efficient Data Sharing in Cloud Computing

صفحه 21-42
P. Anbumani؛ R. Dhanapal


A Dynamic Load Balancing Architecture for Fog Computing using Tree Base Resource Arrangement and Flexible Task Prioritization

صفحه 43-66
Bikash Sarma؛ R. Kumar؛ Themrichon Tuithung


Mobile Host Intrusion Detection in Surveillance Wireless Sensor Networks with Fusion of Sensor Data

صفحه 67-77
J. Josephin Jinisha؛ S. Jerine


Social Media Toxic Content Filtering System using SOIR Model

صفحه 78-94
Nidhi Bhandari؛ Rachna Navalakhe؛ G.L Prajapati


Design and Characterization of a Low-Cost Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor System for IoT based Agriculture Applications

صفحه 95-111
Siddhanta Borah؛ R. Kumar؛ Subhradip Mukherjee


Integrated Model-Based Engineering using Deep Learning with IIoT for Industry 4.0

صفحه 112-123
P. Senthilkumar؛ K. Rajesh


Flash Attack Prognosis by Ensemble Supervised Learning for IoT Networks

صفحه 124-149
M. Jagadeesh Babu؛ A.R Reddy


Preprocessing of Aspect-based English Telugu Code Mixed Sentiment Analysis

صفحه 150-163
Arun Kodirekka؛ Ayyagari Srinagesh


Development of an Embedded Moisture Sensing Device for a Distributive Network to Control Irrigation using IoT

صفحه 164-186
Siddhanta Borah؛ R. Kumar

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