Quantifying Spatio-Temporal Changes of Groundwater Level in Arid Regions

صفحه 1-12
P. Dehghan؛ H. Azarnivand؛ A. Malekian


Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Extreme Precipitation Events in Lake Urmia Basin, Iran

صفحه 13-33
Kh. Javan؛ A.R. Movaghari


Detection of dust storms overnight in the South West of Iran using satellite images

صفحه 35-53
M. Deiravipour؛ H. Mohammad Asgari؛ S. Farhadi


A Study of Pressure Gradient during the Activity of 120-Day Winds of Sistan and its Relationship with Dust and Wind Speed in Helmand Basin, Iran

صفحه 55-68
F. Dargahian؛ M. Doostkamian


The effect of land use change on chemical forms and availability of iron and manganese in arid and semi-arid region of southwestern Iran

صفحه 69-80
S. Shakeri؛ A. Azadi


Surface Shear Resistance of Dust Hotspot Soils on a Small Scale in Southwestern Iran

صفحه 81-95
B. Khalilimoghadam؛ Y. Farajpour؛ A. Yousefi


Variation of PM10 and its relationship with Dust and Climate in Birjand, Iran

صفحه 97-114
A. Ebrahimi؛ S.R. Ahmadizadeh؛ A.R. Rashki


Evaluating the Effects of Sedimentary Cycles (Aeolian and Fluvial) on Chemical Weathering Indices in Rafsanjan Region, Southeast of Iran

صفحه 115-139
I. Esfandiarpour-Boroujeni؛ F. Bandehelahi؛ Z. Mosleh؛ A. Karimi؛ M.H. Farpoor؛ M. Fattahi


Landscape Function Analysis along Precipitation Gradient in the Rangeland of Southern Al-Jabal Al -Akhdar, Libya

صفحه 141-152
M. Adel M A؛ A. Zaied؛ A. M. Akraym


Comparative study of aerosol optical depth satellite data with earth’s observations

صفحه 153-166
M. Araghizadeh؛ S.A. Masoodian


Mapping spatial patterns of plant species based on machine-learning and regression models

صفحه 167-181
H. Keshtkar؛ P. Pourmohammad

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب