Colonial roots of the eight-year imposed war against Iran "Behavior and practice of Persian Gulf sheikhdoms"

صفحه 1-22
Salman Ghasemian؛ Mahmood Arab Ismaeili؛ Hassan Ashtari


Elucidation of Pattern of People's Participation in Economic Support and Providing Manpower in the Context of the Imposed War and Western Sanctions

صفحه 23-42
Ali Badrkhani؛ Nasrin Bahrainy


Imam Khomeini's Strategic Management in the Imposed War

صفحه 43-62
Hadi Gheisariyan؛ Mohammadsadegh Salehimanesh


Investigating the Effects of the Imposed War on the Islamic Revolution Exportation

صفحه 63-77
Mohammad Takaloo؛ Farhad Darvishi Se Talani


Investigating the Impact of Social Capital on the Promotion of Soft Power in the Sacred Defense

صفحه 79-97
Shoeyb Yari؛ Vahid Shalchi


Iran's Tactical Deterrence During the Holy Defense

صفحه 99-116
Ibrahim Mottaqi؛ Yaghoob Zohdi


Israeli lobbies and their influence on the EU foreign policy

صفحه 117-149
Javad Sharbaf


Non-physical Combat Ability Components of Iranian Islamic Revolution Armed Forces with Emphasis on the View of Imam Sajjad (a.s.) in the Prayer of "MARZDARAN"

صفحه 151-167
Hosein Rezaie؛ Ramin Azhdari؛ Mahmood Vaezi؛ Hady Baghbani


The Model of Jihadi Management in the Sacred Defense and Implications for Its Communicative Representation

صفحه 169-191
Hossein Aslipour؛ Sara Mohammadi


The Unique Characteristic of the Sacred Defense Compared to Other Wars in Iran and the World Emphasizing the Civilization Defense Characteristics

صفحه 193-211
Hadi Abdolmaleki؛ Leila Majdani


Townscapes of War Capital; Prioritizing Memorable Townscapes in Khorramshahr from the Dwellers’ Point of View

صفحه 213-235
Aida Baghery Beheshty

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب