Process Capability Studies in an Automated Flexible Assembly Process: A Case Study in an Automotive Industry

صفحه 1-37
Bakhtiar Ostadi؛ Mohammadreza Taghizadeh Yazdi؛ Abdolkarim Mohammadi Balani


Product Positioning as a Moderator for Halal Cosmetic Purchase Intention

صفحه 39-60
Nor Rahimy Khalid؛ Che Aniza Che Wel؛ Suraya Akmar Mokhtaruddin


Manager Optimism Based on Environmental Uncertainty and Accounting Conservatism

صفحه 61-86
Mohsen Rashidi


A DSS-Based Dynamic Programming for Finding Optimal Markets Using Neural Networks and Pricing

صفحه 87-106
Hamed Fazlollahtabar


Who is an Ideal Organizational Leader in Iran? Examining the Content, Structure, and Consequences of Iranian Implicit Leadership Theories (IILTS)

صفحه 107-140
Mohammad Sadegh Sharifirad


Solving a Two-Period Cooperative Advertising Problem Using Dynamic Programming

صفحه 141-161
Saeed Alaei؛ Neda Manavizadeh؛ Masoud Rabbani


Determination of Financial Failure Indicators by Gray Relational Analysis and Application of Data Envelopment Analysis and Logistic Regression Analysis in BIST 100 Index

صفحه 163-187
Ebru Nurcan؛ Can Deniz Köksal


Mathematical Modeling for a Flexible Manufacturing Scheduling Problem in an Intelligent Transportation System

صفحه 189-208
Ali Jahed؛ Reza Tavakkoli Moghaddam


Iran`s Intra-Industry Trade Based on a Schumpeterian Factor Endowment Model

صفحه 209-243
Zahra Najafi؛ Majid Sameti؛ Karim Azarbaiejani


The Effects of Corporate Characteristics on Managerial Entrenchment

صفحه 245-272
Mahdi Salehi؛ Mahmoud Lari Dashtbayaz؛ Masoud Mohtashami

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