Design and optimization of a PV-wind hybrid system with storage system by HOMER software, Case study: Tehran

دوره 2، شماره 2، تیر 2017، صفحه 49-53
M.H. Katooli؛ A. Esmaeili Rouzbahani؛ M. Tahani؛ N. Babayan


Designing a new smart IED for detecting and clearing faults in solar networks

دوره 5، شماره 1، اردیبهشت 2020، صفحه 308-313
Mahsa Shahrjerdi؛ Navid Ghaffarzadeh


Economic Analysis and Simulation of Solar PV, Wind Turbine Hybrid Energy System Using HOMER pro

دوره 2، شماره 3، آذر 2017، صفحه 53-58
E. Bazdar؛ N. Shirzadi


Effect of Temperature Coefficient and Efficiency of PV Technologies On 3E Performance and Hydrogen Production of On-Grid PV System in A Very Hot and Humid Climate

دوره 8، شماره 4، دی 2023، صفحه 1715-1727
Gholam Reza Aboutalebi؛ Maryam Khalili؛ Mehdi Jahangiri


Thermodynamic Analysis and Comparison of Two Novel Organic Rankine Systems based on Solar Loop Heat Pipe Evaporator

دوره 3، شماره 3، مهر 2018، صفحه 177-186
V. Beygzadeh؛ S. Khalil Arya؛ I. Mirzaee؛ G. Miri؛ V. Zare


Thermodynamic analysis of a novel solar based energy system in Tabriz

دوره 3، شماره 2، تیر 2018، صفحه 91-106
V. Beygzadeh؛ Sh. Khalil Arya؛ I. Mirzaee؛ Gh. Miri؛ V. Zare

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