Digital Tools in Cross-Cultural Analysis of Sme Financial State Support in the Conditions of Pandemic Crisis

دوره 13، Special Issue: Advanced Innovation Topics in Business and Management، 2021، صفحه 142-162
Alla Ivashchenko؛ Yuliia Kovalenko؛ Oleh Hubanov؛ Tamara Hubanova؛ Iryna Lutsenko؛ Anastasiia Fialkovska


Information Technologies in Improving Crime Prevention Mechanisms in the Border Regions of Southern Ukraine

دوره 13، Special Issue: Role of ICT in Advancing Business and Management، 2021، صفحه 75-90
Tamara Hubanova؛ Rostyslav Shchokin؛ Oleh Hubanov؛ Volodymyr Antonov؛ Pavlo Slobodianiuk؛ Sergiy Podolyaka

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