A study of the employment of melatonin supplementation and darkness regime on reducing the negative effects of acute heat stress and mortality in broiler chickens

دوره 10، شماره 1، فروردین 2016، صفحه 7-17
Mohammad Hassanzadeh؛ Amir Ahmad Moghimi Niaki؛ Vahab Babapour؛ Ardshir Mohit؛ Sara Mirzaie


Evaluation of Betaine Neuroprotective Effects on 6-Hydroxydopamine-Induced hemi-Parkinsonism in Male Wistar Rats

دوره 13، شماره 3، آذر 2019، صفحه 290-302
Behrouz Rahmani؛ Morteza Zendehdel؛ Vahab Babapour؛ Javad Sadeghinezhad؛ Masoud Alirezaei

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