Geochemical and isotopic (Nd and Sr) constraints on elucidating the origin of intrusions from northwest Saveh, Central Iran

دوره 4، شماره 1، تابستان 2014، صفحه 103-123
Mehdi Rezaei-Kahkhaei؛ Dariush Esmaeily؛ Carmen Carmen Galindo Francisco


Kinematic evidence for cordierite porphyroblast growth in a contact aureole during progressive deformation; Shah-Kuh granitoid, NE Lut Block, Iran

دوره 5، شماره 1، بهار 2015، صفحه 81-91
Mohammad Mohajjel؛ Abdolaziz azodi؛ Dariush Esmaeili؛ Mohammadvali Valizadeh؛ Shahryar Mahmoudi

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