Clinical and Radiological Evaluation of Transplanted Fresh Ear Cartilage Impregnated With the Mesenchymal Cells & PRP in Treatment of Growth Plate Injury in Lamb

دوره 12، شماره 4، زمستان 2018، صفحه 283-291
Alaa AlDirawi؛ Davood Sharifi؛ Sarang Soroori؛ Saied Bokaie؛ Roshanak Mokhtari؛ Alireza Bashiri؛ Hosein Shad؛ Rouhoulah Esanejad؛ Davoud Faskhoudi


Footpad horn hypertrophy and vertical fissure accompanied by white line disease 2 in case of concurrent deep digital sepsis in a culling cow

دوره 7، شماره 2، پاییز 2013، صفحه 143-147
Mohsen Nouri؛ Seyed Hossein Mardjanmehr؛ Alireza Vajhi؛ Iraj Norozian؛ Davoud Faskhoudi

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