Abattoir study of the prevalence of renal lesions in slaughtered cattle

دوره 4، شماره 3، آبان 2010
محمد حاجیکلایی؛ Mohammad Haji hajikalai؛ Farhang Sasani؛ Naser Alidadi


Bacteriological study of urine and its relationship with histopathological findings of bladder and kidney in river buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

دوره 8، شماره 3، دی 2014، صفحه 157-161
Aliabbas Nikvand؛ Mohammad Rahim Haji Hajikolaei؛ Ali-Reza Ghadrdanmashhadi؛ Masoud Ghorbanpour؛ Babak Mohammadian


Cecal Cannulation in Horse; an Experimental Study

دوره 11، شماره 4، دی 2017، صفحه 353-360
Mohammad Sadegh Safaei Firozabadi؛ Mohammad Rahim Haji Hajikolaei؛ Ali Baniadam؛ Alireza Ghadrdan Mashhadi؛ Masoud Ghorbanpoor


Comparison of Leptospira interrogans infection in the goats and sheep

دوره 10، شماره 2، تیر 2016، صفحه 113-119
Mohammad Haji Hajikolaei؛ Sareh Rezaei؛ Alireza Ghadrdan Mashhadi؛ Masoud Ghorbanpour؛ Gholamreza Abdollahpour


Serological study of bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) infection in water buffalo (Bubalusbubalis) in Ahvaz in the southwestern region of Iran

دوره 4، شماره 1، خرداد 2010
محمد حاجیکلایی؛ Masoud Seifi Abadi Shapoori؛ Mohsen Lotfi


The effects of fasting on some biochemical factors of liver, serum and clinical signs in cattle

دوره 7، شماره 4، فروردین 2014، صفحه 277-285
Sareh Rezaei؛ Mohamad Rahim Haji Hajilolaei؛ Ali Shahriary؛ Alireza Ghadiri؛ Mohammad Nouri

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